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Image by Watermark Designs

Looking for Designers, architects, planners and surveyors in Auckland New Zealand to help with your development, architectural project, new build or construction project?

We specialize in subdivisions and multi-residential developments. Whether you want to build one house or 10 terrace houses or apartments, we can help with your designs and projects and offer great discounts.

Extensions, Reclads to full property renovations, we can help you through the entire process from planning stage to the 'move-in' party.


For investors looking to add value, renovating your property can be a lot more than a cosmetic makeover or a structural review. Transforming a home by adding extra bedrooms and bathrooms (within the same footprint), adding a rumpus room, popping on a cabin or rearranging the layout can completely change the value of your home or rental investment - and it doesn't have to be that hard!

Beyond Architects can help you assess what is the best way to reap more from your property - whether your a homeowner or an investor - based on your situation and location while guiding you through the entire process; not just the design.

As investors ourselves we're experienced, creative and know what works.

We can find ways to add extra bedrooms without touching exterior walls or needing to go through consenting; we can help you turn garages into bedrooms (the proper way) or carports into garages. 

Here are some ways we've helped others add massive value:

  • Splitting a single home into two legal rentals

  • Subdividing two houses on one title

  • Adding in secondary dwellings

  • Extensions and more

Beyond architects can help with your new build, renovation or building project. We are cheap and affordable and quick. We can provide architectural, design and drafting services to help you investigate your site feasibility.

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