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Looking for Designers, architects, planners and surveyors in Auckland New Zealand to help with your development, architectural project, new build or construction project?


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Whether it is for a carport or some new town houses, we will take your project through the required consenting processes and offer advice along the way.

We have a great extended team of town planners, civil engineers, traffic consultants and other specialists ready to collaborate.

Beyond Architects can take your project from site-selection/ pre-design stage to post CCC.

A typical project may include the following architectural design phases:

  • Pre-Design

  • Feasibility

  • Concept Design

  • Preliminary Design / Resource Consent

  • Developed Design / Resource Consent

  • Detailed design / Building Consent

  • Construction design package

  • Tender/procurement 

  • Contract Administration 

  • Site Observation

Process and services may include:

  • Pre-Application

  • Urban Design Panel

  • Project Management

  • Supplier Co-ordination

  • Tender scoring

  • Defects Liability period monitoring

Beyond architects can help with your new build, renovation or building project. We are cheap and affordable and quick. We can provide architectural, design and drafting services to help you investigate your site feasibility.

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