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How we saved our clients $170k with one phone call

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

In a recent project Beyond Architects was appointed to lead a development for a first-time developer couple. The project required 3 new standalone buildings and Beyond guided the clients through the entire process from land selection/purchase feasibility onward. (Currently at Building consent stage)

The clients had negotiated a long settlement on the land. During this time financing rules were changing rapidly, as usual it was convoluted, not well publicized and most people were clueless. However since we have huge interests and are actively involved in property here at Beyond, we are always on the forefront of it all. Understanding all the pieces that make a development work meant we knew exactly what the upcoming policies meant for our clients.

With one phone call we shared some insider information and suggested a few strategies with our young clients who were quick to act. Whilst we can't share all the details in this blog, we can happily say that under our guidance, our young couple made a few arrangements with their property lawyer and the real estate agent on that same day and avoided having to pay over $168,000 as part of their settlement deposit. It wasn't hard work for anyone involved, it was just about knowing the right information at the right time.

That extra cash will now go toward their next investment which we are currently working through development feasibility, that's pretty sweet.

Talk to us about your projects, we can't say we will save you $170k but we are always happy to discuss the property market and share our thoughts and recommendations.

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